Tesco Groceries

Tesco is the UK's largest supermarket, delivering millions of home deliveries a week during peak times. The best user experience is required to keep up the demand and keep customers coming back

Kieran Anderson - Product Designer London

What I done

  • Customer interviews & testing
  • Continous discovery workshops
  • Usability testing
  • Journey mapping
  • User flow creation
  • Wireframes
  • Hi-fidelity mockups
  • Prototypes

Projects I have been involved in

Grocery app checkout

Kieran Anderson - Product Designer London - Mobile App Design


Mobile app checkout conversion was not as high as it could have been


After a competitive analysis, it was realised that the old checkout view was not up-to-date or fit for purpose for todays app ecommerce user

Using what was there already as a guide to speak to customers to identify pain points. Some of which were:

  • Not clear when the delivery will be arriving
  • Extra costs not always clear
  • Confusing UX for applying vouchers and coupons
  • Breakdown of costs not completely clear
  • Unsure if the order had actually went through

After working with the analytics team it also backed some of this qualatitive data up

After all of the user feedback was collated, a session was ran with stakeholders to identify the main pain points using affinity mapping methods

A prototype was created using native components and tested on customers remotely. After a couple of rounds of testing and iteration the design was ready to ship

Solution & results

A brand new, native checkout which highlighted the main customer pain points. Resulting in an increase in app conversion

Mobile numbers on grocery home shopping

Kieran Anderson - Product Designer London - Mobile App Design


Not all Tesco customers are receiving order updates


Working with stakeholders to identify why there are some complaints from customers not receiving order updates. Using analytics to find out some customers have not added their mobile numbers to their account

Speaking to customers to understand why they haven't added their mobile numbers and working with ux researchers to define a customer journey map

Defining key pain points regarding mobile numbers and at which point in the journey we should nudge the customers for this information


Component creation in the checkout flow to validate and collect a users mobile number