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Kieran Anderson - Product Designer London - Product Design

What I done

  • User interviews
  • On site user research
  • Usability testing
  • User flow creation
  • Wireframes
  • Hi-fidelity mockups
  • InVision prototypes
  • HTML, CSS & JS

Projects I have been involved in

Genius partner churn

Kieran Anderson - Product Designer London - UX Design


Genius hotel partners had a high churn rate of joining Genius and leaving within a few days


Working with product and analytics to define segments of users based on timeframes of them signing up and leaving

On site face to face interviews and testing some designs with hotel owners to validate our assumptions

Mapping out user testing feedback and having an ideation session for next steps

Creating the hi-fidelity designs and developing them with HTML and CSS ready for A/B testing


Creation of opt-in dialogue box adding an extra step when signing up so partners know what they are signing up for

iPad filter usability

Kieran Anderson - Product Designer London - UI Design


Filter usage much lower for iPad users than desktop, resulting in fewer bookings


Filter usage always results in higher conversion so we checked analytics to see why iPad users were filtering less. We discovered a flaw in the usability of filtering as they had titles which expanded when tapped

Watching user videos through Hotjar of users interacting with the filters


Quick win by removing the accordion effect of the filter titles to allow more space for fingers to select the top filter